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    Hi, Guys. Since I just registered a English Composition class. After the first class, I finally found out that I have so many writing going later. Since English is 3rd languages, I have many problem in grammar, punctuation, and also writing. I really wanted to improved my English level instead of keep writing writing wrong grammar. But the problem is I don't know how to work on my english. Where should I start from? and how to learn it sucessfull?
    I also have a Toefl test coming soon in Oct. I have to work on my listerning too cos my score in listerning part is a little bit lower than other part.Anyone can give me agood suggestion study in english, improve my english, pass the toefl score (I need 80 score) but I just got 70 last time. Anyone can help me in this?
    Tell me what book is good work on my grammar, also the free webside.
    Thanks a lot

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    Exclamation Re: English

    Hello ketie Yap,

    My English was weak. I did not know what were past tense, present tense, present perfect and etc. I dislike to speak english because i got plenty of grammar mistake. At first i was struggled to study English, slowly then you will find it is interesting to learn english. :) I have been learning English for 3 years( after my SPM)

    I would suggest you to learn:

    1.present tense
    2.past present
    3.present perfect
    4.past perfect
    5.present perfect continuous
    6.past perfect continuous

    Learn the basic then slowly move in to modals, reported speech and etc.

    Good luck

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