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    The Teaching of Spoken English language


    I am currently writing my dissertation concerning the teaching strategies of how to teach Standard Spoken English. (I do not believe my grammar was correct then!!)

    Could anyone please help by offering to me their own teaching strategies, and much more importantly, how they feel about teaching Standard Spoken English explicitly in the classroom.

    Thank you.

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    Are you talking about pronunciation or forms, or both?

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    spoken standard english

    Quote Originally Posted by tdol
    Are you talking about pronunciation or forms, or both?
    both forms and pronunciation please

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    Re: The Teaching of Spoken English language

    My Friend:There are many, many amazing ways: Make a list of activities, chores, types of work, music they like, food they enjoy eating, hobbies,etc. and let them choose what things they do, in a regular week. and you will be listening to students speak a lot about they real-life situations and you just walk around taking notes or tape-recording their speaking acts, then correct after they talk (not during) anything from faulty constructions to phonetic pitfalls, and direct them to other speaking activities.
    Another way is tell them to chose from movies a little passage and let them act, by repeating the script lines. It's so fun. You'd like the way it develops.
    They are more interesting, amusing ways; the idea is to let them talk, and talking they will do in an English way.
    Bye, Edgarius

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    Re: The Teaching of Spoken English language

    When I began to teach English when I first started my tuition classes, I didn't know much about how to teach spoken English.I only taught my students basic grammar.I didn't allow them to practice speaking. But lately, I have changed my strategy. I allow them to speak on various topics of their interests.The results were quite amazing.They have overcome the fear of speaking in front of the class. They could express themselves well though their sentence structure is not perfect.I told them to speak without worrying too much about grammatical mistakes.Later, I correct their mistakes.I'm NOT an expert at English;I'm STILL learning it through whatever means I can.I really love the English language so much! My dream is to master it in my lifetime!

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    Re: The Teaching of Spoken English language

    Hi JPS:
    My friend thumbs up! Way to go! Talking in class is the best way; and students like it naturally. Make a Teaching script with the students and make a video act-up with it- By experience I know they will ask for more. Another good thing for you is to make a teacher's log with the observed experiences, grammar points, and more about it. (include photo clips,post-it notes).
    There are so many instances of real talking in class, where students are the
    more enthusiast participants, for example passing roleplay cards; talking about movies, music, songs, food, past activities, future goals, dreams, endeavors,etc.

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    Re: The Teaching of Spoken English language

    I am a spoken English teacher. English is the running force in my part of the world. Most of those who learn, don't find someone or some place to let their steam off. In the wake of this context, I am planning to open an English Speaking Club. Please advice me how to go about inviting more and more members and than to make it a success. Thanks.
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