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    Expect ;anticipate

    Do expect and anticipate mean the same? Are they interchangeable?

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    Re: Expect ;anticipate

    Yes, they are.
    You can visit this page and do some exercises there. Then you may answer your question yourself.
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    Re: Expect ;anticipate

    No, they are not.

    Anticipate and expect are thought by some people to be interchangeable, but that takes away a useful distinction.

    • Anticipate: the verb has been so long misused, as though it meant expect, that it is perhaps useless to protest, especially when the error appears in a publication of a university examining board (‘We do not anticipate that many candidates will enter for the paper.’). Its only accepted meaning is ‘forestall’ or ‘foresee’ and take action against. (‘The enemy had anticipated our move.’)
    --Frederick T Wood, Current English Usage

    • Anticipate: use expect in the sense of simple expectation.
    --Strunk and White, The Elements of Style

    • Anticipate: its prevailing sense is to ‘forestall’ an action or a person.
    --Eric Partridge, Usage and Abusage

    • Anticipate: it means foresee and prepare, not merely expect.
    -- The New York Times Manual of Style and Usage

    • Anticipate: to take of beforehand; to preclude by prior action; forestall.
    --Bryan A Garner, Dictionary of Modern Legal Usage

    • Anticipate: If I am playing chess and I anticipate my opponent’s next move, I see it coming and act accordingly. There is action as well as expectation.
    Anticipated the fall in price by selling beforehand.

    --Reader’s Digest Reverse Dictionary.

    • So if you think Forfar will beat East Fife, say you expect a Forfar victory rather than anticipate one. It is simpler and more direct.
    --The BBC News Styleguide

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