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    I'd like to connect the word "kitchen" and "environment"


    My friend (a cook) asked me to translate Japanese sentence to English one.

    The sentence (or phrase) will be her new business's(delivery of organic food) catch phrase.

    What she wants to mention is that our choise of food will have a great impact on the earth. So she made a sentence which is

    "Your kitchen will change the earth environment".

    I don't know that is gramatically correct or not. Also,I am wondering if there is any word better than "change". Could someone give me an example of sentence that is higher impact than original one?

    Thank you,

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    Re: I'd like to connect the word "kitchen" and "environment"

    The sentence would correctly be:

    Your kitchen will change the Earth's environment.

    It is an awkward and not very snappy sentence. Some suggestions:

    Your kitchen will support the Earth

    An organic kitchen and a living environment

    An organic kitchen and a living World

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