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    Smile Having

    What is the meaning of having. I know have has etc. when it is ing form ?!

    for Eg. "After having defeated Louis prince he continued his ..."

    Now please help me, what is having means?


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    Re: Having

    When the subjects in both clauses are the same as in here,
    Clause 1
    After he had defeated Prince Louis,

    Clause 2
    he continued his ...
    the first subject is often omitted,
    Clause 1
    After ... had defeated Prince Louis, <omitted subject>

    Clause 2
    he continued his ...
    and its verb is made into a participle (a non-verb) because it lacks a subject,
    Clause 1
    After having defeated Prince Louis, <participle>

    Clause 2
    he continued his ...
    The structure changes, but the meaning stays the same:
    After he had defeated ...


    After having defeated ...


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