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  1. philop

    Question at or in?

    At or In

    we met at time at USA. is this correct?

    ship arrived at London port. or arrived in ....?

    Let us meet at hotel marriot. or in hotel marriot. which is correct?

    Please advise.

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    Re: at or in?

    At vs in is the least of your problems, Philop. Please be more careful when you compose examples.

    We met one time in the USA.

    The ship arrived at the port of London.

    Let us meet at the Hotel Marriot.

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    Re: at or in?

    Time is on the clock, so use on:

    1a. We met on time ...
    If you are talking about a point on the clock, then use at; e.g., we met at 5:00; moreover, a country isn't a point on a map; its span is fairly wider than that, so don't use at, use in:

    1b. We met on time (somewhere) in the USA.
    Note, the USA is a noun, USA is an adjective.


    A port is a location you can pinpoint, and it's also a place that ships sail in towards, so either at or in works.

    2a. The ship arrived at the Port / the Port of London.
    2b. The ship arrived in(side of) the Port / the Port of London.
    Note, Port of London is a proper name, so it should be capitalized. Also note, ship is a noun, so it requires a determiner, either the or a.

    Hotel Marriot is a proper noun, so capitalize it. It's also a noun, so it needs a determiner.

    3a. Let us meet at the Hotel Marriot.
    3b. Let us meet in(side) the Hotel marriot.
    Note, the difference between meet at and meet in is this. To meet at a place refers to its location, usually outside the location, but it could mean inside too. To meet in a place means to meet inside the location.


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