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    Smile Want to Train, Teach & Travel!


    I'm a 2nd year Open Uni student, considering taking either the CELTA or CertESOL to teach in Spain or Germany (I'm studying both languages). I felt it would be a good experience as I'm considering teaching anyway, and it would benefit my languages as I would immerse whilst teaching my mother tongue. But I'm not convinced that the qualification is necessary. In some countries a degree is needed's very expensive besides.

    Does anybody have first hand experience of this?


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    Re: Want to Train, Teach & Travel!

    Without a CELTA or similar qualification, you may be able to find a bit of work, but it will probably be poorly paid piecemeal work. In countries like Germany and Spain, there is no shortage of fully qualified teachers. European ESL is generally oversupplied and a buyer's market, though immediate local conditions may provide an opportunity. However, I really wouldn't count on it.

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    Re: Want to Train, Teach & Travel!

    It would be wise to get some teacher training beforehand, if anything, to be adequately prepared for the job. There are many options available from traditional fulltime on site courses to solid online courses, and you can get quality training without breaking the bank.

    In most places, the basic requirements for entry level teaching positions are a degree plus a TESL/TEFL certificate - not necessarily a CELTA, though it is true that the ELT market in Spain, Germany, and Western Europe in general is highly competitive so the more you have to offer in terms of qualifications and experience, the better your chances of landing a well paid job. CELTA is undoubtedly a popular qualification that will open many doors but there are many good schools that will happily accept TESL/TEFL Certificates issued by other reputable organizations. It often comes down to how the TEFL provider is perceived by the individual employer. So it might be worth your while contacting a few schools where you'd like to work and see what their exact requirements are.

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