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    Question What does that sentece mean?

    Hi teacher! May I ask you a private question? What does that sentence mean whic is below?

    '' You are a beauty!'' = ( you're very beautiful or you're so ugly!) which one? pls help me!

    thanks a lot!

    P.S ( Is my grammer correct?)

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    Re: What does that sentece mean?

    [CAUTION: I am not a teacher:take the advice and or corrections offered in this post at your own risk.
    If you doubt the information, please get a qualified opinion from one of the teachers on these forums.]

    Context, context, you need context. On the surface, yes "you are beautiful seems to be the statement. But if you are asking a question about such a direct sentence, it is probably because you heard/read it in a context where it doesn't really make sense, right?

    Write that context along with your question. Used sarcastically, "you are a beauty" could be like saying "gee, you really messed up" or "wow, you've really made a mess of yourself/things"

    Consider this as you go back to wherever you saw/heard this sentence. "she/it is a real beauty" could be referring to an object (like a vehicle, or a device) that is of very high quality as well.

    Hope that helps.

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    Re: What does that sentece mean?

    The expression 'Whata beauty' is also used, though normally for cars, animals, etc, rather than people.

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