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    Smile Vs??


    pls teach me what is the full form of Vs. what does that mean?

    thank u

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    Smile Re: Vs??

    Quote Originally Posted by Vs. ?? View Post

    pls teach me what is the full form of Vs. what does that mean?

    thank u
    v (or vs) is the abbreviation for versus (Latin), meaning against

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    Re: Vs??

    Abbreviation: v. , vs., and vs
    1. against (used esp. in a court of law, or to denote competing teams or players in a sports contest): Smith versus Jones;
    Army versus Navy.

    2. as compared to or as one of two choices; in contrast with:
    traveling by plane versus traveling by train.

    Spell out the word versus unless you're reporting game scores, when you would use vs.; when you're citing legal documents, use the abbreviation v.


    versusSpell out in running text. In short expressions, the abbreviation vs. (with period) is permitted: guns vs. butter. Abbreviate as v. (with period) in legal cases:
    New York Times v. Sullivan.
    College Relations Office - Buffalo State College - Communication Standards and Policies - Editorial Style Guide - U-W


    "Vs." is the abbreviation for "versus," which means "against." Use a period.
    McMaster University - Office of Public Relations - Style Guide - Usage


    Abbreviate as v not vs. [The distinction of an acronym versus an abbreviation is that no period is used.]
    Kent publications style guide - Communications and Development - University of Kent


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