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    Hello! I need some help, please. Which is correct: Please let this serve... my, Patricia Smith, resignation effective... or, Patricia Smith's, resignation... ? Thank you so much for your input! :O)

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    Re: Post from a Newbie

    How about Please let this serve as notification that I, Patricia Smith, am resigning...

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    Re: Post from a Newbie

    "I, Patricia Smith" but "my, Patricia Smith's"

    (I was trying to formulate a "rule" along the lines of "you can't follow a possessive pronoun with a comma followed by a proper name", but - of course - you can: suppose Tom and Dick were teasing Harry - "Tom gave Dick his, Harry's, wallet.")

    Returning to the resignation, another possibility would be 'I, Patricia Smith, hereby resign' [hereby = by means of this document]


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