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    Smile Having

    hi eveyone,

    I've see having and cud not understand how the meaning will be if having is written before a word/verb etc.

    'Remember God for his having guided you'

    "After having defeated pomphy Ceaser was seen in a rally"

    I know what is the meaning, if one say he is having two children, that he has two children.

    But I am wired in above two sentences. please clear my doubt with good example if possible.

    Thak you very much.

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    Re: Having

    "Having" is used in these sentences to indicate something that happened in the past

    Remember that in the past God guided you
    Caesar defeated Pompey and afterwards was seen in a parade.

    He is having two childre
    n would mean that he is about to have/produce two children. It is an incorrect usage. He has two children is the correct one.


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