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    "like the following"

    the sentence is:

    you need to write code like the following:

    my question is, the code below would be something similar, or it would be exactly the code?
    is there difference between "like the following" and "as follows"?

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    Re: "like the following"

    'You need to write code like the following:' would be OK if it referred to program code (maybe one line, maybe pages). It would not refer to an exact copy.

    If it refers to any other sort of code, it needs an article: if it refers to an exact copy, 'like the following' sounds odd to me, though maybe it's OK in some dialects. I would expect another verb, too:

    "Type the code as follows" (or "Type the following code").

    If it doesn't refer to an exact copy I would expect different wording, such as:

    "Write the code in the following format:"


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