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    Can Somebody Check And Correct Puncutation My Autobiography

    Well, My name is “La’Shonda Monea’ Doneway I was born on March.26.1989 In Youngstown, OH at North Side Hospital. I have One brother, Two sisters but one sister is on my dads side she lives in Texas.
    At Ages 0-6, One thru Three we move to California to live. I was told that I loved being there. I use to go over my aunts house to go swimming she had an in ground pool it was big, with a sliding board. Then Ages Four thru Six we moved back to Youngstown, OH I learned how to ride my bike that year I had a lot of (Boo-Boo’s)
    Ages 6-9, My adult teeth started to grow in. I had some great birthday parties there was always a lot of people and toys I never wanted it to end. Then something great happened to me I made it on the cheerleading squad at the age of Eight I had cheered for the Fighting Little Red Men I had so much fun I met a lot of new friends then. My family and I went to Six Flags for the first time even though I couldn’t get on any of the big rides I still had fun.
    Ages 9-12, I started finding out who my best friends were I had about Three of them. We had an school spelling bee one year and I had decided to enter it I was great but not great enough to win but it was a lot of good experience and fun to join. There was a lot of family fun that we had we went to an camping ground and stayed in these beautiful cabins it was always some fun when you went there.
    Present, Now I have a job at Macy’s clothing store it’s really great the friends that I had I no longer hang out with them anymore now. I’m really by my self I’m an Mother-2-Be I’ll be having a baby boy soon and he will be my first child I really can’t wait to see him for the first time. I like to bake and make creations sometimes it keeps me busy and I really enjoy it. This past two months me and my family went to Virginia to see my brother in the Marines.

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    Re: Can Somebody Check And Correct Puncutation My Autobiography

    It would be best if you go through it, insert the punctuation where you think it should be, and reposted.

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