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Thread: private pain

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    private pain

    "His rascal heart and private pain fuel his passion as an actor."
    I wonder what 'private pain' actually means.

    Thank you.

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    Re: private pain

    More context would help. "Private pain" implies he has had a difficult life with things that have affected him sadly and badly, but that it has fuelled his work as an actor.

    Not quite sure what a "rascal heart" is.

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    Re: private pain

    Caution : I am neither a native, nor a teacher.

    I felt same as Anglika when I first read it, it appeared as a hidden pain to me. As, the mentioned person is an actor and their privacy attracts more curiosity. Like, he has been hiding his private pain to protect his reputation and to keep his popularity.

    Ex: Britney Spears was assaulted by 3 men when she was a young girl and she hided this unpleasant incident.Though she suffered a lot mentally, this private pain fuelled her passion to be a celebrity and to take the revenge of this private pain from all men.

    Sorry for nasty example.It might be completely wrong, I just tried to guess it wihout context.
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