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    Smile In or On

    I'm getting confused on in or on rules.

    Is it something is in your face, or
    Is it something is on your face

    I'm, is it, she or he is,
    on highway 777, or in highway 777

    Where is the stapler?
    It's on my desk, or it's in my desk

    and so on.....

    Everytime I talk to my friends, I'm getting confused on these rules....
    Thank you.

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    Re: In or On

    welcome to the glorious mess that is the English language!
    As far as I know there are no definite rules for prepositions - often you have to learn the particular presposition that goes with the context.
    The stapler can be on your desk if you can see it, or in it if you can't see it.
    You are on Highway 77 if you are travelling on it physically.
    Something is only 'in' the road if it is stuck there/immobile for some reason.
    Something is on your face if it is on the surface. Disregard slang terms such 'You're in my face' meaning - you are hassling me etc rather than making a prepositional statement as such - hope that's ok?


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