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    ergative verb

    can you give me 10 ergative verbs ?

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    Re: ergative verb

    There's an extensive list here, on page 4,

    How to make a verb ergative:

    Step 1 Find a transitive verb.
    Step 2 Put it in passive voice.
    Step 3 Omit the auxiliary and change the past participle into either a present simple or past simple verb.

    Step 1 grow; We grow trees.
    Step 2 Tree are grown (by us).
    Step 3 Trees grow/grew. <ergative verb>

    Note, not all outcomes work:

    Step 1 play; We play tennis.
    Step 2 Tennis is played (by us).
    Step 3 Tennis play/played. <ergative verb>

    From Flinders Unievrsity Student Learning Center (See link above):

    Ergative verbs, something happens to the subject but the subject doesn't act.

    1. An ergative verb can change an object into a subject without needing to use passive:

    Active voice: The wind broke the window. <transitive verb>
    Passive voice: The window was broken. <transitive verb>
    Middle voice: The window broke/breaks... <ergative verb>
    2. An ergative verb is a kind of intransitive verb. It is different from an ordinary intransitive verb because it can be made passive:

    The window broke (ergative) => The window was broken (passive).

    3. The passive voice allows an agent, middle voice does not allow an agent:

    The window was broken by the ball.
    The window broke by the ball.

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