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    Question Considering, requiring guidance and advice

    Hello =)

    All help, tips and guidance greatly appreciated. Would love to hear back from people

    Well, all this is still new to me. I've always wanted to teach since I was a little girl but when it came to college and the thought of uni I dropped out and became a nursery teacher. This didnt last long due to extremely poor pay, long hours and horrific staff members who judged the children. I couldn't stand to be in that working environment so took a career change.

    I'm now 21, have never left the country but always longed to see the world, get a real 'buzz' from travelling in England as much as possible, have nothing to keep me here but family (who all encourage me to 'get out there' and 'experience life while yu can'), and still keep thinking about going into teaching.

    I always thought I would have to get my English degree then PGCE in able to now teach. On a recent trip away up north a friend told me how I could teach abroad with little or no qualifications. The idea instantly excited me and havent been able to shake it out of my head since. So yesterday I got researching some more and discussed the idea with my dad and brother. Both are being really supportive and offering advice. They suggested the VSO but appears yu need a degree as well as TEFL - anyone else had that problem?

    I came across this site today and appears people offer alot of sound advice, as well as interesting questions (many of mine already answered through reading previous posts, so thanks all ).

    My one true fear in life is experiencing the unknown, but I love the excitement, the adrenaline and most of all I love experiencing the unknown - I suppose the fear just adds to the excitement.

    Basically... I'm new to all this. I love the idea of it all and really want to give it a go. A very close 'friend' of mine is joining the RAF so in time shall be travelling too. This has given me the inccentive I needed to travel but in a more practical way for teaching and live my young life while I have chance.

    Do you think (from what you have read) I have potential? Can anybody offer me any advice on where to do an online course? I am currently looking at the 80hour TEFL online course with TEFL/TESOL courses and Teaching English jobs abroad and possibly and extra module too. I have noticed prices vary greatly from site to this something to be wary of?

    Gwen xx

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    Re: Considering, requiring guidance and advice

    About TEFL and TESOL certification, here's something that might help you out / get you started: ESL Teacher Training: TEFL Training FAQ (TEFL.NET)

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    Re: Considering, requiring guidance and advice


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