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    would you please correct this love letter for me please?
    Itís been a long time since I received your letter; but I didnít get a chance to write to you, thatís because my computer has broken down for some reason. And I had to wait for my friend come to fix it for me when he got time. And itís working now, so Iím sending this e-mail which is not too long to you. I would like to know how you are doing these days, and how your mood is. I wish everything is ok with you and Amir.
    Since my English is not very good, I got a lot of words to say to you, however I can not express them accurately. But trust one thing, and that is, I love you as you love me.
    I am attending my sisterís wedding tomorrow, and I need to get up very early to help her to get dressed, so I have to get prepared for it and go to bed early. By the way, my voice chat device is working now. I wish you will chat me soon.

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    Re: correction

    I see no reason to change anything.

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