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    were late boarding?

    Is the following sentence correct?
    It seems a little bit awkward to me. If it is correct, then can I say, "I was late going to school." or "We were late starting."?

    Some of the passengers were late boarding.


    And as for the question "have in tag question" that I asked the other day,
    thanks for your help and still I'd like to make sure that which is proper sentence when I use it.
    I mean,

    You had your haircut, didn't you?
    You have your haircut, don't you?
    You have had your haircut, haven't you?

    all these three questions are correct but I think there are some difference in nuiance or in the usage.

    When I saw my friend had her hair cut during the last weekend, which of the above sentences do I have to say?

    Thanks a lot! ^^

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    We were late starting, etc are definitely fine in British English.

    You could useeither of these:

    You had your haircut, didn't you?
    You have had your haircut, haven't you?

    However, I would go for the perfect because the action is relevant now- it is the first time I have seen my friend since the haircut.

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