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    help a student

    looking for a 5 letter word that ends in Q

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    Re: help a student

    Unlikely in English. Is this a crossword?

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    Re: help a student

    As a hopeless jobless , because of doing nothing, unfortunately I had to know all these needless cross-words.

    IRAQ is one of the very few words ending in Q. Obscure words ending in Q are: ABQAIQ (a city in Saudi Arabia), AUYUITTUQ (National Park in Canada), CINQ (an alternative spelling of "cinque," OED), FARUQ (former king of Egypt, also spelled "Farouk"), HALQ AL-WADI (city in Tunisia), INUPIAQ (an Eskimo people), IQ, KANGIQSUALUJJUAQ (an Inuit village in Quebec), KUUJJUAQ (a Canadian village), N'ASTALIQ, NESTALIQ (alternative spelling of "nastalik," OED), PDQ, PONTACQ, QAANAAQ (settlement in Greenland; it's also a palindrome), QAZAQ (alternative spelling of "Kazakh," OED), QEQERTARSUAQ (island in Greenland), QUTTINIRPAAQ (National Park in Canada) RENCQ (obsolete spelling of "rank," OED), SADIQ (a city in India), SAMBUQ (alternative spelling of "sambuk," OED) SHOQ, SUQ, ZAQAZIQ (or ZAGAZIG, a city in Egypt), TALAQ (in Chambers), TRANQ (in OSPD), TZADDIQ (in Chambers; can also be spelled TSADDIQ), UMIAQ (a variant spellling of UMIAK, an Eskimo boat, in W2 and W3), ZIA-UL-HAQ (a proper name) [Dave Baker, Phillip Bennett, Eric Brahinsky].

    Believe me no any other

    For further queries about word oddities please click A Collection of Word Oddities and Trivia

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