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    am from australia and i need help ?

    > sorry for disturbing you but i rely need help
    > my teacher gave me assignment to do it but i faced diffecult do do it
    > at the last i did my best to complete it but he still no agree to mine

    >this is my assignment and believe me its a small rely its not that big
    ================================================== =
    Writing an Argument Essay
    Activity 11:
    Now you can write an essay which argues that computers have negative effects (disadvantages).
    Discuss this with your classmates first. You may want to think about > The big cost of hardware and software
    > System shutdown
    >computer theft
    > Invasion of privacy
    > Impersonality
    > Loss of jobs -plan your essay.
    Decide on the argument you want to present in each paragraph of the body of your essay. And the facts and examples you will use for supporting evidence. Write your essay in your notebook.

    The computers have negative effects .The computers users complain about many problems. They also face difficulties in dealing with them. There is no doubt that computers have brought many problems into many different ways. The soft ware and hard ware costing lot of money. The cost begins increase. System shut down; In this case the computers users will lose a lot of data. Many people have problem with computer theft, Hakers stealing information from their computers. Most people think how to save their privacy. Dealing with computers is impersonal. Life is becoming computerized and many people face difficult to find jobs. However, there are many negative effects with using computers. Knowing these problems can lead to prevent mistakes. As we know everything becoming computerized and we will deal with them.

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    Re: am from australia and i need help ?

    Hello Tezkar, welcome to Using English!

    Unfortunately we can't do assignments here; but there are two aspects of your essay that you might want to think about:

    1. The assignment talks about "the facts and examples you will use for supporting evidence". Are you sure that you have enough "facts and examples"?

    2. The assignment lists a number of points for you to consider. You've incorporated these points into your essay; but are you sure that you've looked at them in sufficient detail?

    All the best,


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