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    The Ideal Speech

    Hi! Could you check my answers? If you desagree please tell me your opinion about the answer.

    For question 1-12 read the text below. Use the word given in capitals to form a word that fits in the space.

    The Ideal Speech

    Giving the ideal speech is a matter of CONFIDENCE (CONFIDENT) in your self and in what you're going to say. This may be EASILY (EASY) than done, but part of the answer lies in your careful PREPARATION (PREPARE). Note down your key points, PREFERABLY (PREFER) on postcards or other small slips. Don't make the mistake of trying to script yout speech word by word. You may gain a sense of SECURITY (SECURE) from doing this but when you come to deliver your speech it will sound NATURALLY (NATURAL).

    Keep it brief and make it MEMORABLE (MEMORY). It's no good saying afterwards, "I delivered it well but they fell asleep." To grab their ATTENTION (ATTEND), begin your speech with a few ARRESTING (ARREST) thoughts or phrases, but steer clear of jokes. As a BEGINNER (BEGIN), you'll show your NERVOUSNESS (NERVOUS) in your face as you wonder whether your joke will succeed. Be a top-class speaker - not an amateur COMEDIAN (COMEDY).

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    Re: The Ideal Speech

    This may be easier said - was the word "said" omitted?

    It seems that the last sentence of the first paragraphs should be "it will sound unnatural."

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    Re: The Ideal Speech

    I really forgot to write the word "said", but it was in the text.
    Thank you very much, you helped me a lot.


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