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    Termination Of Lease

    dear Mr/Mrs,

    Good morning, could you give me a sample for the abovesaid letter.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Termination Of Lease

    Do you mean that there is a leasing contract between you and someone, and you do not want to renew the contract anymore?Or the other party didn't fulfil its obligations, therefore you want use your right to terminate the contract?For the second case, I think actualy the content of the letter would depend on the reasons causing the cancellation-termination. Without knowing the reasons it would be difficult to recommend a sample letter. For the first case there is no need to specify your reason.I found something like below in order to not to renew the contract I hope it would help;

    Mr. Richard H. Unimant
    Branch Manager
    Best Copy Service
    412 Santiago Drive
    Wonderland, New Jersey 09020

    Dear Mr. Unimant:
    We do not plan to renew our contract for the use of a Copier 14X40 copying
    machine. The contract expires June 20 of this year.
    The copying machine is located at our downtown office in Melrose. We would
    like to have the machine removed at your earliest possible convenience.

    {Neither a native nor a teacher, if I am wrong please correct me}
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