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    "say" vs "remark"

    Hello. In the following exercise I need to choose the option that best completes the sentence:
    I have heard it ... that this is because of the instinctive distaste we feel at writing something we are not going to be paid for.
    a. said b. told c. remarked d. presumed
    The correct answer is "a". I can see why "b" and "d" don't fit in here, but I'm not so sure about "c". Could any of you explain to me why "c" is unacceptable in this context? Thank you.

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    Re: "say" vs "remark"

    remark - Definitions from

    c. remark (verb) to express briefly and casually.

    a. said (meaning, a comment) (verb) to express judgment or explain a particular point.

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