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    future tense

    can you tell me the difference between be going to and will and present continous?thanks you very much

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    Re: future tense

    As a very basic distinction, the present continuous is used for appointments and arrangement, going to for our intentions and will for unplanned things and ones that we have no control over.

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    Re: future tense

    Be going to and the present continuous is used when you have already decided to do something.
    Will is used when you decide to do now.

    "Tom: I have a flat."
    Father: Oh, I will fix it later.

    Father is told and decides to fix it.

    Mom: Tom has a flat. Can you fix it?
    Dad: I know. He told me that. I am going to fix it.

    Dad knows Tom has a flat. He has already decieded to fix it.

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