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    What would be the meaning of blown-upon in the excerpt below?

    He had also been engaged for a whole week to the inspirer of the
    poems, a girl several years older than himself called Floss
    Delaney, who was the somewhat blown-upon daughter of an
    unsuccessful real estate man living in a dejected outskirt of the
    (Edith Wharton - Hudson River Bracketed)


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    subject of talk or a scandal

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    Re: blown-upon

    It could also be an oblique reference to Isaiah's prophecy: The grass is withered, and the dower is fallen, because the spirit of the Lord hath blown upon it - thus suggesting she is somewhat dried up as a person.

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    Re: blown-upon

    Thanks both of you, in this context it's more likely that she is "subject of talk or a scandal", rather than "dried up as a person."

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