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    for being a mother in Israel

    What does the phrase for being a mother in Israel mean?

    But since she would not indulge his
    conjugal sentiments unduly he was grateful that at least the
    pursuit of Perfection left her little time to investigate his
    private affairs; so that, on the whole, the marriage was accounted
    a happy one, and the four children born of it were taught to revere
    both parents, though for different reasons. Grandma, of course,
    was revered for being a mother in Israel; Grandpa for having once
    made a successful real estate deal, and for being the best Fourth
    of July orator anywhere in Drake County.
    (Edith Wharton - Hudson River Bracketed)

    Maybe I should add that Grandma is very religious ...


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    Re: for being a mother in Israel

    Someone who is wise, foreseeing and compassionate. A reference to the Bible > People of The Land 28

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