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    in, at and on

    How do we know when to use at and in?
    which is correct?
    when we are at school.
    when we are in the school.
    what do you mean by these sentences:Why is in used in the first and on in the second sentence.pls explain.
    I arrived just in time for the flight.
    It left exactly on time.

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    Re: in, at and on

    I'd use 'at school'. We generally use 'at' for general locations and 'in for more specific ones- at school, in the classroom.
    On time = the correct scheduled time
    in time = you managed to get there, but had to rush as you thought you were going to be late

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    Re: in, at and on

    at, the location is emphasized; in, the act is emphasized.

    The flight leaves at 5:00 and I arrived just before 5:00. That is, I arrived just in time for the flight.

    The meeting is at 9:00 today, so everybody please be on time. Be there at 9:00.

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    Re: in, at and on

    Thanks for sharing. I find it useful as i am searching for the correct usage of " in " and " at "


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