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    Root vs Source vs Spring

    Ok, I think I've got a really tricky question to make here.
    In the following sentence:
    A more important ... of turbulence is the sun.
    a. root b. spring c. font d. source
    I can see straight away why "font" doesn't fit. But I really cannot see any difference between the others. I know "source" is the correct answer, but I really cannot see why. Especially as I found the following definitions for the others:
    Spring: Origin. A source or fountainhead of something.
    Root: The source or origin of a thing.
    Source. Any thing or place from which something comes, arises or originates.
    Can somebody help me with this one, please?

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    Re: Root vs Source vs Spring

    A more important source of turbulence is the sun.

    Turbulence is created by the 'continuous overturning of hot and cool gases in the sun's outer layers. Those outer layers create, manufacture, supply turbulence. Thus: the noun source (d.). Turbulence doesn't stem from the sun (i.e., find its root or origin there (a.); it occurs elsewhere. Nor is turbulence a liquid, a spring (b.).

    place of origin: noun
    a. root

    water: noun
    b. spring

    a productive source: noun
    c. font
    supply: noun
    d. source

    Question, why doesn't c. font fit?

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    Re: Root vs Source vs Spring

    Oh, I see! Thanks.
    As for "font" I think nowadays it's mostly used to refer to a baptismal font, or in printing terminology. When it means "source" it's normally spelt "fount" and, anyway, that usage is quite archaic or poetical.

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