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    It’s easy for me when I learn to pronounce new words. I don’t really have difficulties pronouncing many words. I could even handle tongue twisting pronunciation with ease, but I have a problem pronouncing this particular word “temporarily”. I would pronounce tempora…..and stop. I can only pronounce it fluently when I skip ir. I pronounce it temporaly( the raly here sounds like rarely) instead of temporarily. Is it alright to pronounce it that way? I don’t know what’s wrong with my tongue. Could I have your advice? Thank you.

  2. james_chew_84

    Re: pronunciation

    I can pronounce necessarily easily but not temporarily. Any idea what the problem is?

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    I think the problem is probably the rar sound, but I have no suggestions at this time.

    (There is no need to post the same thing several times.)


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    The double 'r' sound is a very different one for many learners. Try saying the sound in isolation first. An old pronunciation technique is to start with the final syllable, then add the one before, and so on. The idea is that by going backwards you keep the correct stress.

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