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    Hi,i am wondering if you know what should a person, who has studied english about 7 years ,surely know?
    All ideas are welcome,because i have english exam coming next week and i want to be be english teacher hasn't taught me anything new in last 10 months.
    :? Take care


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    If your English teacher hasn't taught you anything in the last ten months perhaps it is because you are at a different level than the rest of your classmates. Have you asked for additional work?


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    You should know all the verb forms- check your knowledge of conditionals and modal because they get tested at that level. Letter writing and similar writing tasks are common. Do you have any idea of the format of the exam? If you could give us an idea it would help because it's hard to say. For example, if it is a multiple choice test, then it'll probably be mostly grammar, with a few phrasal verbs and vocab thrown in. If it's got reading texts, then it'll be completely different.

    Have a look here:

    Try First certificate tests. If they are a bit easy, move higher- Flo Joe has some examples.


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