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    Question Sentence structure and preposition check


    I am not a native English speaker. I am taking IELTS test in 3 days time. There is a writing task in IELTS in which charts and graphs have to be explained. I can explain these pretty easily but i seem to have problems in usage of prepositions. Below is an explanation of a graph. Kindly notify of any incorrect sentence structure or incorrect usage of prepositions. Thank you.

    The bar graph shows the money spent by various wage groups on fast foods per week. Hamburgers are the most favored meals by the high income individuals spending more than 40 pounds per week. Average income group also spend much on hamburgers with amounts up to 33 pounds while low income workers sped lowest on hamburgers with only 14 pounds per week. Surprisingly, in case of fish and chips, high income individuals spend exactly the same amount as compared to low income individuals. They both spend 17 once per week. However average income group spend about 25 pounds per week on fish and chips. High income groups spend about 19.5 pounds per week on pizzas whereas average income group spends about 13 pounds per week. Low income individuals spend the least on pizzas.

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    Re: Sentence structure and preposition check

    Check it for articles, inconsistent subject/verb agreement and tidy 'the same amount as compared to' up.

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    Re: Sentence structure and preposition check

    Thanks a lot Tdol. Could u please elaborate a little more as i am unable to correct it. Thank you for your time.

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