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    Pronunciation of possesives

    It has been my understanding that words ending in "s" are pronounced the same when they are in the possesive form. "Jesus" and " Jesus' " would then be pronounced the same.
    If you make another syllable, like "Jesuses", you have really made a plural and you would be talking about two or more men named Jesus. Am I correct or not. I just want to see if anyone else is on my side.

    Yes, I taught college English back when they were teaching Grammar. I have also taught Greek, my major, for 42 years. You can't teach Greek without teaching English, especially these days.

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    Re: Pronunciation of possesives

    Jesus, Jesu[s]
    Jesus's, Jesus'[Iz]
    Jesus', Jesus'[Iz]
    Jesuses, Jesus[Iz]

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