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    3 Qs

    The following is part of a story that drivers going into a busy intersection stopped their cars and helped a blind couple with their children, who were in the middle of the intersection without realizing the danger who were in, cross the street shouting the direction from the cars

    Without hesitating, the couple adjusted their course as they followed the coaching. Trusting their white canes, they made it to the other side of the road. After they had safely crossed, one thing struck me – they were still arm-in-arm.
    The driver to the left of me was saying, “I can’t believe it!” I think all of us were deeply moved by what we had just witnessed. Here were human beings stepping outside themselves for a moment to help four people in need.
    I have reflected back on this situation many times since it happened and have learned several powerful lessons from it. The first is: “Slow down and smell the roses.” Take time to look around and really see what is going on in front of you right now. Do this and you will realize that this moment is all there is. more importantly, this moment is all that you have to make a difference in life.
    The second lesson I learned is that the goals we set for ourselves can be reached through faith in ourselves and trust in others.
    Finally I learned to really appreciated my gift of sight.
    As I drove away from that busy intersection, I did so with more awareness of life and compassion

    I would like to ask native speakers of English the following things.

    #1 I think all there is is all that there is, a relative pronoun clause. Correct?
    #2 all that you have to make a difference in life is that is a relative pronoun and objective, so it is all that you have/ to make a difference in life.
    #3 What does I did so means here? drove away? kept the lessons he learned in mind? I think drove away.

    Thank you very much.

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    Re: 3 Qs

    #1 All (that) there is. All is the head.

    #2 All (that) you have in order to make a difference in life.

    #3 I drove away with with more awareness of life and compassion.

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    Re: 3 Qs

    Thank you very much Soup for your extremely prompt answer
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