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    In reply to "Thank you"

    In reply to "Thank you!":

    Americans prefer "You are welcome."
    The British prefers "Not at all.", "Don't mention it."

    Instead of saying the above, can we say "No problem.","Thank you.",
    or just give a smile back without saying anything?

    I read a travel story written by a Chinese talking about his tour in Australia. He was impressed that each time he thanked an Aussie for
    any help or kindness, he got a "Thank you" back. He was very much amused by this, "Who should thank whom?"

    :) Thanks!

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    I think it depends on how formal the situation is.

    "Not at all" or "Don't mention it" are both okay for formal occasions, but we British also would use "You're welcome".

    A reply like "No problem" is very much less formal, in my opinion.

    I hope this helps.

    I'm not a teacher, so please consider any advice I give in that context.

  3. Anonymous

    Re: In reply to "Thank you"

    Yes, it is much more informal. - "No problem."

    Don't forget about "My pleasure."

    That's very polite sounding. I would use it in a formal circumstance.

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