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    Dictionaries for PDA

    Could somebody suggest me a dictionary for PDA (Windows Mobile 5.0). It is idioms that I am most interested in.

    For example I need to find "make up your mind". I would like to type "up mind" and receive the answer. When I work on my PC it is really like that. Why shouldn't it be like that in case of PDA is a mystery to me. But the problem is that my PDA dictionaries can find an idiom only if I type the words one after another in a rigid order.

    Or we can put another question. Where can I find a good idiom dictionary.
    Freeware is the best.


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    Re: Dictionaries for PDA

    You have to charge in your computer Now all will be happen very simple. First you have to highlight the whole phrase (idiom), then just push the right button of the mouse;now highlight Search for "make up your mind"; and this time push the left button of the mouse. Click in tab A Make Up Your Mind:Information and you will see and read the meaning of this idiom for example = decide between alternations, come to a decision.
    as in I had trouble making up my mind about which coat I liked best. This expression dates from the early 1800s, although a similar usage appeared two centuries earlier in Shakespeare's King John (2:1): "I know she is not for this match made up."
    Answers.comm is free ware.
    Я думаю все будет хорашо. Нада толка попробоват.

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