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    Lightbulb As regards phrasal verbs and equivalents

    Hi folks!

    First post, so please be lenient with me. Okey-dokey, what I'm looking for is phrasal verbs and their non-phrasal verb (quasi-)equivalents. Sounds too complicated? It's not, here are some examples: go off = explode, put out = extinguish, look for = search.

    Of course the equal sign here is misleading because next to never are those two verbs actually identical in (all) meaning(s). Then again it's not too far-fetched, is it?

    There are two reasons for me asking this: first, I only find a morsel here, a bit there and no good, reasonably comprehensive list to use; second, I can quite easily remember a phrasal verb when I can connect it to a one-word verb of, let's say, Latin origin.

    Here are some more:

    give up = abandon
    look up to = admire
    speed up = accelerate
    use up = exhaust
    account for = explain
    write up = record
    go over = review
    look on = watch
    take off = imitate
    keel over = capsize

    And so on and so forth, you get the picture, get the drift, I hope.

    Any suggestions to complement my list, anybody? Any contribution is highly appreciated. Thanks guys and gals.


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    Re: As regards phrasal verbs and equivalents

    Have you tried these?

    UsingEnglish Phrasal Verb Dictionary

    Phrasal Verbs - Ordered List by Verbs

    Two-Part Phrasal Verbs (Idioms)

    See this site Phrasal Verbs, especially where it describes the verb "pick up".

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    Re: As regards phrasal verbs and equivalents

    Hi there!

    Oh yes, there is tons of stuff! Will check it out.

    Thanks anyway


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