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    please~~help me~~~ㅠㅠ

    Korean people are so shy when they learn foreign language. And that is the reason that they are a poor linguist, in spite of long learning. And one of such a man who doesnt give a thing a shot out of fear is me. So I think that it is one of evidences Koreans arent lenient about their errors.

    I traveled in Thailand in 2005. We were fear. Because we were first time to step on different country from Korea. When we arrived in the Chaosan load that is called a travelers paradise, we were shocked, because people nearby began to approach and talk to us. We were so fear and confused. First day passed like that.

    Next morning, we waked up early. It was early time yet to get up. So, there are almost no people at the street and there are just guys look scared sit in a circle on the ground. The more we got near to them, we said to ourselves please, don talk to me. Dont talk to me. however, when we were close with them, one of them got up with a jump and shouted I like Korea!! but we couldnt reply. No matter how we go away from him, he went on crying. Stop it! Please! I thought trembling with fear. At that moment, my friend turned back abruptly and shouted, Me-too!!! and he was silent. The fear faded out and we burst out laughing. Maybe, since then fear of English disappeared and we tried to speak English before people addressed ourselves. It didnt matter whether we spoke English well or not. It was just interesting that we got an opportunity to speak English and attempting that.

    We learned important thing from this travel. If we want to learn foreign languages we have to shake off the shyness. It is not important a grammars and pronunciations to communicate between people. most importantly, it is open mind and shining looks.

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    Re: please~~help me~~~ㅠㅠ

    Your thread is called "Please help me?"

    What we cannot tell is whether you want help on the grammar of your piece, or whether you are seeking advice on how to become more self-assured.

    Could you perhaps explain?


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