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    informal letter asking information

    Dear Maria,

    Hi ! how are things? You might didnt remember about me, I am George and we spent together four weeks in Australia two years ago with our friends. I’ll never forget those days.You might be surprised to hear from me. Sorry it has been so long since I last wrote to you. I’ve just moved into my new apartment because I left the old one at my ex-girlfriend’s place as we split up last month. What about you? Are you still working as a nanny?

    Guess what? This holidays I am going with Sam to Kankali Village, Nepal and as we know that you went there last year we thought that you could brought us more useful information than the people that organise the holidays.

    One thing is the food and drink. Could you tell me how much it will cost? Another thing is the work. Is it hard? I'd also like a bit more information about how old the volunteers are. What sort of clothes should I bring? And about Annapurna trail, I d like to know if you need to be a good walker to do it. Finally, Could you tell me if its worth going?

    Write back soon and let me know about my questions.

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    Re: informal letter asking information

    What exactly are you asking? It would help to have some idea of what you want.

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