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    Say Hello

    Hi Teacher,
    Please allow me ask for an interesting question.

    I am in China and my company's headquarts is in US.

    And we often have conference meeting with US friend.

    Maybe you know,they are in different time zone between China and US,for example,it is morning in Chian while evening in US.

    my question is:How can I say hello to US friend?Good morning?Good evening?or anything eles?

    (Suppose it is in the morning in China)


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    Re: Say Hello

    Hi zongzong,

    Depends on the formality of your relations with your US head office. In my opinion, in order to show politeness and respect you should check if it is morning/afternoon/evening with them and greet accordingly, that way you won't go wrong. Do NOT do as I once did ringing a senior US executive, who had kindly given me his mobile number, at 10:00 Spanish time which was 05:00 US time!! Not the way to win friends and influence people!!


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