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    Content Advisor Issue


    When I visit your site Content Advisor reports an invalid ratings label. See below:

    The rating label on this page is invalid. "'' comment 'ICRAonline v2.0' l gen true for '' r (nz 1 vz 1 lz 1 oz 1 cb 1) '' l gen true for '' r (n 0 s 0 v 0 l 0)" is not recognized or is not the right format. You may want to notify the owner of this site.

    This is using IE6 on a win2000 box. I'd like to add UsingEnglish to all the PCs I manage in my school. Is there a way to correct this without upgrading the browser, OS or disabling content advisor.



  1. Webmaster,
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    Re: Content Advisor Issue

    Thanks for letting us know. I'll look into it and see what's changed since we added the tag.


    I'm not a teacher, so please consider any advice I give in that context.

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