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    storage room phase

    From Seven Lies by James Lasdun (referring to a boy's experience of being x-rayed at hospital):

    "I felt as if I had gone back underground, back to the place of obligatory yet never fully explicable rituals that I had submerged myself in during my storage room phase, repetition once again endowing each stage with a gloomy ceremoniousness. After the X-ray, the forty-minute wait in the passage outside the changing cubicles."

    Gone back underground? Obligatory yet never fully explicable rituals? Storage room phase? Gloomy ceremoniousness?
    What's he talking about?

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    Re: storage room phase

    I haven't read the book, but the narrator seems to be referring to retreating into a store room to hide when he was younger and to having repetitious behaviours. There is a psychological condition where a person cannot do anything unless he or she has carried out a sequence of movements over and over again.

    It could also be a reference to his need to hide his past.

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