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    Sharing lessons

    Most of my lessons are custom made. I make everything myself from the ground up.

    This might sound pretentious, but I think my lessons are interesting and so far, the students really enjoy what I've planned.

    This is based on feedback from both my peers and the students.

    I do spend a LOT of time preparing everything so that I provide something of quality to the students.

    I would like to provide what I've done so far to the other teachers here, on this forum. This would be a gift of some sort for all the help I've received, and, in a way, it's long overdue.

    I would rather not put them here, in this topic, as the topic would eventually disappear.

    Is there anywhere on the website where I could put my things so that they're visible and easily accessible to all the teachers?

    I think it would be really awesome if we how somehow shared our own ideas to the world. Make a database of some sort.

    What do you think?

    Here's the first lesson I'd like to share:

    Riddle contest
    Tested with: English Major students
    Class size: 22-45 students (depending on the class)
    #1. Separate the class in teams. (Do it yourself, otherwise you'll be wasting a lot of time if you let the students do it by themselves).
    #2. Select an assistant who will help you determine who raises his or her hand first in answering the question.
    #3. Explain the rules:
    1. The teacher will read a riddle to the students.
    2. The students MUST raise their hand to answer a question. If the students shout the answer without raising their hand, they lose one point (This is tried, tested and true. Otherwise students will be shouting the answers all across the classroom).
    3. Depending on how many hints are given, the amount of point for a good answer varies. First, read the riddle (6 points), then write it on the board (5 points), then write how many letters there are (_ _ _ _) (4 points), then the first letter (F _ _ _) (3 points), then the second letter (F I _ _) (2 points) and so on. Do not go under 1 point for a good answer.
    4. Giving out a WRONG answer reduces the total of point by 1.
    5. Team totals may go under 0.
    That's about it. I've tested this with my students and they loved it. This is for advanced students however.

    This is the list of riddles. This is the result of hours on the net spent harvesting for interesting riddles. Enjoy!

    Riddle contest.doc

    (39 Kb)
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