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    can an organisation have a 'wealthy' tradition?

    Hallo Everyone!
    this is my first post breaking my's cherry

    Ok to the point, I've noticed on one website that an educational institution has written that they have 'wealthy tradition' back them. I personally think that this is a false friend (I mean word for word translation from polish - btw is it still called false friend?) My question is can a tradition be a 'wealthy' one? I believe the word was used meaning 'aboundant', 'rich'...

    Please help! I'd appreaciate greatly your suggestions of a correct word should 'wealthy' in the above case was incorrect. thank you!

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    Re: can an organisation have a 'wealthy' tradition?

    Welcome to the forums.

    It is an unusual usage - a "rich" tradition would be the more normal collocation. A Google search turns up examples, but my impression is that many are written or said by non-native English speakers.

    The British National Corpus doesn't like "wealthy tradition" - it couldn't find it.

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    Re: can an organisation have a 'wealthy' tradition?

    It sounds distinctly odd to me too.

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