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Thread: Superstitions!!

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    Arrow Superstitions!!

    How're you, brothers and sisters? I would like to ask you if you know superstitions and really you do believe in them?

    For me, I know alot, but the one that me and my family have a strong belief in it is that " somebody will visit you if a fly falls in your cup of tea"

    We believe in it because really somebody visits us whenever flies drown in our cups of tea.

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    Re: Superstitions!!

    Here in Argentina we have a lot of superstitos
    Personally I believe that when youe left hear is red, someone is talking badly about you and the opposite with the other hear; I know of many times that this happened.

    I think you've made a very good question, every place have its own superstitions, I don't know many of the ones here and there are many
    I would like to know the ones you know (from your country)

    there is the famous number 13, opening an umbrella indoors, walking down a staircase, the black cat (I have one); all of this bring bad luck
    if you threat some fruit tree that you will cut it, it will give more fruits

    so that's all i can remember now

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    Re: Superstitions!!

    walking under a ladder

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    Re: Superstitions!!

    black cats (as I used to own a black cat I should have been struck by a lightning at least a hundred times )

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    Re: Superstitions!!

    A tea-leaf floating on the surface of the tea means a letter is on its way.

    The black cat has to walk across a road in front of you to bring bad luck [or good luck - some people prefer this]

    A sunny day on your wedding day means a happy marriage.

    If you spill salt, you must cast a pinch over your shoulder to get rid of the devil.

    If you smash a mirror, you can expect 10 years of bad luck.

    If you see a pin and pick it up, you will have good luck.

    [These two date to the days when mirrors and pins were rare and expensive.]

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    Re: Superstitions!!

    That is wonderful subjact . but would any of you tell me where these superstitions come from . I mean, there must some reasons for it. these heritages must started one day in the past and I am sure they had many sensible reasons to believe them.

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    Re: Superstitions!!

    I have thought that superstitions may come from inhibitions parents give their children a long time ago, and that due to popular use and passing from one generation to the next, their meanings and even their structure eventually changed, and emerged as a path to having good luck or bad luck.


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