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    Gerund or infinitive

    I have been struggling with the use of the gerund in some expressions for a long time, and when I thought I had it right, I come across a new doubt.
    What is the correct way: I am inclined to sleep or I am inclined to sleeping?
    I think it is the first one, but I do not know why. I would like to know the rule for these expressions, there has to be one.

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    Re: Gerund or infinitive

    Hello angelamarcos!

    There are some very, very general rules or better tendencies - for lack of a better word - as to when to use an infinitive and/or a gerund. But being not an English teacher nor a native speaker myself, I can only recommend to you to consult a good dictionary or two or three.

    And making things even worse is the fact that in some cases both can be used with either the same meaning or different ones.

    And then there are verbs that can have the to-infinitive and also a preposition followed by a gerund. It's a mess!

    But don't despair, just learn one at a time and sooner or later you'll get the hang of it. One good way to learn it is to look at groups of verbs with similar meanings which use one or the other.


    Oh yes, my dictionaries tell me that it ought to be 'inclined to do sth'.
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