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    Smile Please reply me questions!

    Hello Tdol and Team,

    I am very glad to tell you that I had been in contact with you since 3 years. In which I found you and your team to be very consistent and hardworker. But since last six months you have not been answering my questions on regular basis. I dont know why but it is true. that why I was for a while out of touch from your site.

    My question is that:

    I want to matering on the English language but some how I could not do this. Things I memorize from English point of view soon I forgot. And I am not a regular performer or consistence in my studies. Please suggest me new ways to be in touch with English and mastering on the language.

    Thanking your in anticipation..Sir.


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    Re: Please reply me questions!

    There really is only one way to become good at anything and that is by constant practice. I know it is hard if you are doing something on your own, but it is the answer.

    Have you tried finding a pen pal to exchange letters with? Perhaps you could start writing small articles to submit to English journals [you can always seek help on their grammar here]. Read as much as you can in English.

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