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Thread: focus our mind

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    focus our mind

    Hi there,

    Is it correct to say 'focus our minds' or 'focus our attention?
    BTW, is 'mind' or 'minds' correct?


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    Re: focus our mind

    To me, if you "focus your mind," it's more of a meditation.

    If you "focus your attention," you are paying attention to one thing in particular.

    If you use the word "our," then I would use the plural "minds."

    [not a teacher]

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    Re: focus our mind

    hi there,
    Thanks a lot.

    How about 'concentrate our minds', and 'concentration our attention'?? Are they correct?

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    Re: focus our mind

    concentrate our minds (semantically redundant)
    concentrate our attention but the collocation is focus ... attention.

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