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    Is an article an adjective or an adverb?

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    Re: Joe

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    Is an article an adjective or an adverb?
    An article is an adjective as it modifies nouns.

    Please pick up a book from the table.

    refers to any book on a specific table

    This sentence below might look as though the article "the" is modifying an adjective, hence it would be acting as an adverb.

    I like John. He is the best!!!

    Actually the article "the" is not modifying "best". There is an unspoken (implied) noun in this sentence. What is really being said is something like

    I like John. He is the best (friend anyone could have)!!!

    "The" is still acting as an adjective here. Of course other words could be implied instead of friend depending on context.

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    Re: Joe

    Hi there. An article is by no means an adverb as far as I know. It can be either be classified as an adjective because it modifies nouns, or a determiner. For me, I'm for classifying articles as adjectives.

    I'm not a teacher by the way.


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