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    one dialogue question

    Dear teachers,
    Please look at the following dialogue:

    Man: Hi. Uh, haven't we met before? You look so familiar.

    Woman: Yeah. We met on campus last week, and you asked me the same question.

    Man: Oh, oh really? I'm sorry, but I'm terrible with names. But, but, but . . . Let me guess. It's Sherry, right?

    Woman: No, but you got the first letter right.

    Man: I know, I know. It's on the tip of my tongue. Wait. Uh, Sandy, Susan.

    Woman: Nope. So, was I that memorable?
    Man: Wait, wait. It's Sharon.

    Woman: You got it . . . and only on the fourth try.

    Man: So, well, Sh . . ., I mean Sharon. How are you?

    Please pay attention to the red part.
    1, Why does the woman use "was" instead of "am"?
    2, What does the sentence mean? Why is it not like this: So, am I that unmemorable? (so that you forgot my name)


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    She's referring to the occasion on which they met rather than suggesting she's always forgettable.

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